Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery??

My first plagiarism!!

WTF?!?! He didn’t change a single word, and he’s trying to pass it off as his own!

Look, I get that there is a lot of information out there, and a lot of it is going to be the same. Like music.

But dude, seriously? I didn’t invent the notion that these myths are myths. I didn’t do the scientific research myself to bust them. What I did was read about them and learn about them, and then cobble together a blog posting based on my memory and some research scraps. But you…you just literally copied and pasted my blog posting!

That’s like the difference between researching an essay using multiple books and web site resources, and submitting a friend’s essay from last year as is.

I’m putting this post up before I alert the asshole plagiarist asshole Colin Deslage that I know about his plagiarism, so you’ll get a chance to see it and to COMMENT ON IT PLEASE!

Thanks to Zeke, the commenter who let me know about this. Right now I’m going to google the rest of this asshole Colin Deslage’s blog postings and see who else he has plagiarized.


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  1. I wonder what he, and all the others (mostly on blogspot) actually get out of copying our work. I don’t mind them doing it if they either link to my site, or inform their readers who actually created the work. Sadly, in an effort to protect my copyright whilst I’m trying to sell it to publishers, I have to exclude parts of the story, which spoils it for those (crazy people)who enjoy my sense of humour and writing style (yes there are some – with such fabulous taste I say).

  2. Ditto what my alter-ego said.

  3. I’m curious, how did you find out about this guy having plagiarized your work? Just wondering.

  4. Never mind. Found the answer in the comments of another post. Please disregard these comments. LOL.

  5. Okay, it turns out the answer was in this very post. I’m having a good laugh at myself right now. It took me 15 minutes to solve this mystery that existed only in my head. LOL. I’m such a genius.

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