EDIT: This is unreal!


Colin Deslage is clearly a pseudonym. In addition to Call It What It Is, I just discovered that he has these other blogs:  The Plenary Vacuum, Musings On Eternity, Struggling to Write, Web Apis Gone Mad, It’s Good to Be Bad, Life Between Poles, The Subprime Primer, Warming the Innards, Mostly Get It Wrong, Positive Transference, Allegory In Braid, Scenes From Life, Paradox of Tolerance, A Simulated Reality, No Snow For Me, Comparing Weather Patters, and probably a hundred more.

So clearly they are all “scraper” sites after all, and they pull posts and articles from other sites automatically. I don’t necessarily understand why, as most of these blogs do not contain ads. But maybe they’re to come. I still want to do something about this! Fellow bloggers? Help me out here; I’m new. Can we report this name to Blogger/Blogspot and have them take down all of his fake blogs? This still stands: http://www.google.com/blogger_dmca.html)


Colin Deslage is, I think, not in his right mind.

I went through all of his posts on his blog, “Call It What It Is.” (I will, Colin—it’s PLAGIARISM!!) Many of them were posted videos, but of the written ones I found that most of them were plagiarized. In fact, I found 35 original blogs or articles that he stole. Of the ones I could not find the plagiarized source for, it could be that he wrote them himself. But more likely I just couldn’t find them. I alerted 32 writers that their work has been plagiarized (one was me, one didn’t have a way to reach them, and one’s blog was no longer live).

There are a few hints that this guy is maybe not right in his head. First of all, he plagiarized everything word for word. He copied misspelled and improperly used words. He copied headlines. He copied photos. In one case he copied a blog about Hawaii by a guy named Frank. The headline was “Frank’s big island travel tips” and it had a photo of Frank in the post! (Colin Deslage has his own name and photo posted on his blog!)

Another tell is that he didn’t try to disguise anything that distinguishes the original blogs. For example, apparently Deslage has a teenaged son who is a youth preacher, but is also an atheist. And his uncle survived the Japanes occupation. And he lives in Australia. And New York. And Philadelphia. And maybe Hawaii. And he knows a lot about diet and weight loss, but also literature, hip hop, complex science, and President Nasheed’s run for parliament in the Maldivian election. And he writes poetry.

He literally copied and pasted articles from web magazines about science, and some about health and weight loss.

So what to make of all this? The kindly writer of the blogs Godless Romantic and PictureThis informed me (the newbie blogger) about “scrapers”—”blogs or sites that use some mechanism to blindly gather material from anywhere and then post it in order to drive up their numbers so that more people will see the ads on their site.” I doubt this is what’s going on here, though, as there are no ads whatsoever on this blog. (EDIT: In fact, this is very evidently what’s going on.)

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  1. Thanks for contacting me and letting me know that Colin cribbed one of my posts. You have a great blog by-the-how.

  2. Thanks for letting me know on my blog literarydwelling.com

    Yes, I checked it out. He stole an entire post from me. The odd thing is that the post does not make much sense outside of the context of my blog site. Is there any kind of recourse to this sort of thing?

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. He stole a rather old and sub-par piece of mine.

    All his blogs contain ads, so he is most probably milking the money of ads. With a bunch of info, he can get many different ads, to increase his revenue.

    If you read the information concerning reporting such infringement, it need to be a written letter or fax, unless email is agreed upon, which is a bit unclear how to do that. Also, it looks to only pertain to a specific post so each person apparently needs to do it individually. I’m also not sure about that. I have to look further into the matter. Like you, I haven’t blogged that long.

    P.S. Interesting blog you have here. I like your style.

  4. […] me the wrongs that were being done to me, and so many others. Read more about it at her blog: writerchick99.wordpress.com. Posted in Uncategorized […]

  5. I’m still in shock about how shameless some people can be. Thanks for the heads up. I’m now enjoying your blog as well.

  6. He stole one of my posts at the beginning of January. I discovered it a week later, gave him three days to remove the post, then faxed my complaint to Blogger. It then took Blogger over two weeks to remove the post; and while I waited wondering what was going on, I discovered posts he had stolen from other bloggers. I’m glad to see your passion for justice in this matter. 🙂

  7. I was lucky – Zeke let me know I had been plagiarized. The slimy little slug copied it word for word. I’ve written the same outraged reaction. I looked at Google’s process for getting him dealt with and it’s just not worth the trouble unless we do it as a collective.

    Does anyone know where this bozo lives?

    Nice blog site by the way. I enjoyed your rant just as I enjoyed LunaSea’s when he stole a book review from her. I think he’s about 25 bricks short of a load.

  8. hmm… funny )

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