How to give the finger to Valentine’s Day

Darwin valentineYesterday was Darwin Day—Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday (and the 150th anniversary of his revolutionary book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection). For geeks, science-lovers, and/or rationalists like me, it’s cool.

Today is Friday the 13th. It’s a superstitiously “bad luck” day for people who believe in such things. For people like me, it’s fun.

Tomorrow is February 14th—Valentine’s Day. It’s a socially dictated “romantic” day for those who are prone to the pressure of such things. For single and/or bitter and/or heartbroken people like me, it’s annoying.

Single and/or bitter and/or heartbroken people, or anyone who just wants to rebel against the consumerism, forced romance, and social pressure of the day, should un-celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating Darwin Day two days late or Friday the 13th one day late.

There are many ways to celebrate Darwin Day. First, make sure to say “Reason’s Greetings” to every person you encounter. If they ask what you’re talking about, proceed to school them in all things Charles Darwin and/or evolution. You could also read (or re-read) On the Origin of Species. Or buy some copies and donate them. You could attend a museum, science centre, or even a planetarium (celebrating science in general as opposed to just evolution). Watch some amusing creationism vs. evolution debates on YouTube, read the Dover court ruling, or this article, or check out this web site. Oh, you could have a viewing party of Flock of Dodos (about the PR war creationists are waging against evolution) and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (the aptly titled propaganda piece that’s fun to laugh at and feel generally outraged over; be sure to watch this using as a companion to point out every error and lie). You could also watch other videos about evolution here.

For more information about Darwin Day, visit this web site. And for more ideas on celebrating it, check this out.

And for the less science-minded but not-credulous-enough-to-buy-into-stupid-superstitions, you could un-celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating Friday the 13th a day late. There are many ways to celebrate, including having a horror-movie fest. That’s about as anti-Valentine’s Day as you can get! Granted, there are usually lots of randy teenagers having sex in said movies, but they tend to die a bloody death post-coitous so it’s okay. You don’t have to watch the Friday the 13th series, but you could (parts 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 are the only worthwhile ones). But don’t forget some of the best horror movies ever: the original 1978 Halloween, The Exorcist, Ju-On, The Descent, Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead II, and others. Or you could go to the theatre and see the new re-hash of Friday the 13th.

Another awesome way to celebrate Friday the 13th is to break every superstition you can think of (or research). Walk under ladders,

let black cats cross your path, spill salt, open an umbrella indoors, break a mirror, put shoes on the bed, say doom-y type things without knocking on wood afterwards, etc. If you’re already un-superstitious, then you could try following every superstition you know of. Or, throw a party.

Make it an evil party.

You could have people over to watch the series premier of Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse! (This premiers on Friday, but you could record it and watch it on Saturday.) Serve food and beverages.

Make it evil food and beverages.


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  1. Lol. Good one.

  2. Orrr, rent Saturday the 14th for a very silly horror movie.

    Alas, I’m one of those damn happy married people, so I did celebrate the whole V-day thing. I have no excuse other than I like to eat out and I like my husband. But still, I do agree with your thoughts on this. I’m a walking contradiction!

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