Birthday wish list

Birthday nomMy birthday is tomorrow; I would like:

  • People to stop being assholes.
  • A new bike.
  • People to stop using the word “anyways.” Please use “anyway” instead. Also, to reinstate “epiphany” or “revelation” instead of “ah-ha moment,” which I blogged about in an earlier post, plus “lesson” instead of “teachable moment.”
  • True love.
  • All of the books on my book list.
  • Time to read all of the books on my book list (and the unread ones on my shelves!).
  • My cats to start speaking like Lolcats.
  • World peace.
  • Summer.

(Not necessarily in that order. Except for the assholes thing—that is definitely #1.)

Thank you.

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  1. OH MY…
    I can’t stand when people say “anyways.” I hope I didn’t say THAT on your birthday. Also, I know your cats don’t speak in LOLCATS (yet…) but your card sure does. I like your blog 🙂

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